A Checklist for App Assets

IBM is starting to put together a large number of apps for Android and iOS, and one thing you’ll find when producing native apps is that you produce a virtual mountain of graphics for each app: homescreen icons, notification icons, launch screens, market artwork, and on and on and on. I’ve made some photoshop templates to make producing these icons easier, but sometimes it’s hard to keep track of all tiny pieces-parts involved in submitting an app to the various app stores.

Screenshot of a Photoshop File

A Photoshop File  for Android App Icons – HDPI, MDPI, LDPI, Oh my!

I recently spent some time making an activity template using IBM Connections to make it easier to keep track of all these assets. Activities and  activity templates are one of the least-used but most useful features in IBM Connections. It lets you assemble a reusable, collaborative checklist that you can make a new copy of and share with people or a community. Each time I start a new app, BAM, I make a new activity from the template and I’m good to go. The template includes links to photoshop templates and official documentation from Apple and Google, so anyone within IBM is able to pick up the checklist and run with it.

I’d link directly to the template here, but sadly it’s only available inside IBM’s intranet for now. If there’s enough interest, I may rebuild it for use on LotusLive or IBM Greenhouse. In the meantime, look on and despair at the size of this checklist:

An activity template for making graphics for mobile appsclick image to embiggen!


I want that template. More than that though, I’d love that PSD file! It is so difficult getting to those logos outside the firewall, even when we have a good use case for using them (Connections user group for example).

IBM is pretty sensitive about posting source art for logos & graphic images — it’s unlikely that I’ll be able to share. They want to make sure that other folks don’t start making apps using those logos and then creating confusion etc etc etc. It’s annoying, I know, but I’ll ask and see if we can post ‘em somehow!

Marty, remember when you begged me to get pixel-perfect alignment for all the different type icons in Connections? You owe me. YOU STILL OWE MEEEEEE

Many months after we did that, though, I realized how right you were to keep asking for that to be fixed.